CCTV 2 camera Installation ONLY

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Standard CCTV two camera (Installation ONLY) including remote viewing if available.

* There are certain installation conditions and circumstances that will require an on-site quote from the technician.

*Additional parts are sometimes required to complete an installation as specified, these parts can be purchased directly from the installer.

1. Does your property qualify for standard Home Installation Service?
· Are you the home owner, or has the landlord given permission?
·The camera locations.
need to be accessible via a ladder, less than 2 stories high.
2. If remote viewing access is required:
· You will need a physical internet connection for the DVR (not wifi)
· Suitable portable device with access (password) to the Play store or Apple store.
· Router access – May be required to set up your remote access.
·Adequate broadband service requirements - Most systems require between 1 and 5 Mbps upload to ensure a trouble-free service. TSG cannot be held responsible for bandwidth issues.
3. Camera locations:
· Cables supplied with the cameras will be used, any additional cable required is chargeable.
· No cable containment supplied as standard, if you require containment please advise at time of installation booking.
4. The number of cameras to be installed:
· We offer up to 6 cameras as a standard installation, we are able to install more, but highly recommend a survey has been performed prior to installation for higher volumes.
5. Monitor. How you intend to view CCTV imagery?
·The monitor must have suitable Connections for the selected DVR unit (e.g. HDMI or VGA connections may be required) If the monitor is not local to the DVR additional charges may apply.
* A monitor will be needed for the initial system set up, even if you are only using remote access.
** Some TV's are not compatible with DVRs due to "resolution" restrictions. TSG cannot be held responsible for such issues.
6. Power sockets:
·Check you have adequate working power sockets at the central position where the DVR unit is to be located (the monitor, DVR /NVR and the cameras will all require power) Or a multi way extension cable is available.
· WiFi cameras require power to each camera, so some
cabling is still required and a local socket for each camera will be needed.