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Professional Wi-Fi Alarm System Installation Service across the UK

Here at Total Support Group, we are always striving towards providing our clients across the UK with the latest in alarm technology.

Our expert team utilise their experience to provide an excellent installation service for our Wireless alarm systems, providing you with peace of mind that your prized possessions are safe and all at the touch of your fingertips.

A security system being tested after getting installed by our team

Our Alarm Service Options

Our Wireless alarm installation is specifically tailored to be completed with a minimal amount of fuss, with the service to be bought as a standalone service for a pre-purchased alarm or as part of a bundle with one of our other systems or services. 

All of our agents complete their work according to current H&S guidelines while offering you expert advice on where the most suitable mounting positions are for your sensors on your property.

Some of our Options are:

  • Standard install- Upto 10 separate Elements (Sensors or devices), this includes any mix of, PIR & Door contacts, Bell box/'s, Keypads, Control panel and Keyfobs.
  • 2 x Additional Element installed while already on site - Expand your installation to include additional items, includes any of the above sensors but not a Bell Box, installation includes being paired with the system and physically installed.
  • Additional Bell Box installation
  • Service/maintenance call (30 Min on site call) for either fault finding and advice on fault/repair, or battery and system checks


Our Alarm Installation Service - Guidelines and Expectations

The installation of the Wireless alarm kits includes door sensors/window sensors, PIR's, keypads, and alarm sounders/boxes. Any entry holes that are made during the installation process are properly sealed with the appropriate weather covers and sealant. Our attending engineer sets up your alarm system which may be able to be monitored through a mobile device and application (if a suitable alarm system has been bought) Note: Remote access is governed by theCustomer having adequate broadband services (Mobile/ Fixed) and an accessible  IP router (unlocked) for Port forwarding to the mobile device. Once completed our engineer completes a final assessment, this ensures that your system is fully operational.

"Our Wireless Alarm installation services are designed to be completed with the minimum amount of fuss and can be purchased as a standalone service for a pre-purchased alarm kit or bundled together with an Alarm system purchased directly from our website. (The Standard Service is designed for kits including up to 10 separate elements)

Installation Support for domestic Wireless Alarm systems (Approved by Yale UK) 

The illustrated installation options are specifically supplied to Consumers situated in domestic dwellings and are based upon a ‘Standard call’ which is defined as normally requiring a 1 Man installation team to install a ‘Standard’ set of materials onto a property of two storey’s or less in height.
(Customers are required to provide suitable access to site during normal working hours)

TSG Service Agents will undertake the Alarm system installation in accordance with current H&S guidelines (ladder access etc) and the attending Engineer will discuss/ agree the most suitable mounting positions with the Customer on site.

Once everything has been completed the Engineer will complete a final assessment to confirm that the new Alarm system is fully operational before seeking Customer confirmation and sign off.

Note: Consideration should always be given to the effective wireless range (coverage distance) that can be affected by elements such as wall thickness and construction.

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