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State-of-the-Art 4G Antenna Installation across the UK

In the modern world, it is more important than ever to ensure you have a quality broadband  service, a 4G broadband service can help if you are in an area which has rudimental broadband. This is where Total Support Group comes in with our new 4G Installation service.

Our team utilise some of the latest 4G meters allowing us to align your 4G aerial to the best signal level, ensuring your 4G broadband service is as stable as possible. More information about EE4G broadband can be found here

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Our New 4G Service

The service we are providing focuses on the installation of a 4G antenna system at your residential or commercial property, all installations include the antenna, a pre-supplied 5 meter down-lead and pre-made connectors, your modem/router unit will be provided by your 4G supplier.

Our highly-experienced team will carry out a pre-installation survey to check, that your property has an effective 4G signal as well as the optimal antenna orientation to the local transmitter. They will then discuss with the aerial location and fixings, cable routing and modem/router locations.

 All commercial properties looking for an installation must undergo a site survey to meet specific requirements such as H&S elements, site access, cable management, and mounting solutions.

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Our 4G Installation Process

  •  A Brief On-Site Assessment to Identify the Optimum Antenna Mounting Position
  • The Installation of a Standard Fascia/Wall Mount Assembly
  • The Installation and Alignment of a 4G Antenna Assembly 
  • The Installation of a Surface Mounted Down-lead Cable up to 5m in Length 
  • The Set-Up and Testing of the Wi-Fi Modem/Router unit

Our team provides all the ancillary materials needed to complete your job to the highest standard, as well as appropriately sealing all entry holes made with internal and external weather covers. 

Following the installation and alignment of your antenna, a final assessment is carried out on the Wi-Fi services to confirm it is fully operational and at the agreed levels of performance.

Our 4G Installation service Guidelines and Expectations

A couple using their new setup

Commercial/ business sites requiring an installation MUST be site surveyed to establish site specific requirements including -

  • H&S elements
  • Site access
  • Cable management
  • Mounting solutions - Bespoke

Quotations to be provided to the Client following the site survey visit

All installation sites will require normal vehicular access (not 4x4) and adequate safe access for the Engineer to access the Antenna mounting position using a standard set of ladders (The Engineer will normally carry a two section Ladder which will require the temporary fixing of a wall anchor bolt for stabilisation to comply with HSE working at Heights safety guidelines)

* The illustrated service is based upon the premise that the Customer is in posession of pre-supplied Antenna Assembly, cables and activated Wi-Fi Modem/ Router at their location prior to the installation date (Modem to fitted with a Client/ Customer supplied SIM card/ operational Data account)

Note: The illustrated Antenna installation options and associated pricing are based upon a ‘Standard’ domestic call type and do not include any additional travel costs for rural remote installations (see list). Customers wishing to extend their Wi-Fi Coverage within the property may require additional Wi-Fi Extenders/ Powerline Adaptors to facilitate this requirement – Chargeable items

In some situations, it will be necessary to install additional materials or provide extra resources (manpower) to resolve signal reception issues and to provide the customer with the desired 4G / Wi-Fi services. These additional costs will be agreed with the Customer beforehand and charged to the Customer where required. "

This service does have a minimum call out charge, I.E if an engineer attends and performs a site survey (check for signal and H&S requirements) but is unable to perform/complete the installation, a partial refund will be given based upon the service purchased. For further information or clarification, please call 0121 4576 800 and ask about our 4G installation service and aborted call charges.

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on the installation service of 4G antennas, available across the UK.